Your phone. Your shirt. The grapefruit you ate for breakfast. What do they all have in common? You know where they came from. By law, most items imported into the US for sale have to be marked with a country of origin.

But not your dentures. As controversy about the role of globalization in declining US denture labs increases, though, some are looking to change that. Erie County in New York may be the first county in the US to pass a law requiring that all dentures be marked with a country of origin.

Beautiful Mature woman showing off her smileWhy Some Believe the Law Is Necessary

The law is being promoted by a local dentist, who had some bad experiences with overseas dental manufacturers. He says that having the country of origin on dentures is an important step forward in protecting people from substandard and potentially dangerous dentures.

This dentist said he had tried to use restorations made in China. The lab claimed to make the dental crowns out of FDA-approved materials. But, he says, the lab actually sold the high-grade materials and made the crowns out of inferior materials.

He says that the results not only lead to poor quality restorations, but potentially dangerous ones as well.

Although people are supposed to replace dentures in around 7-8 years, many people wear them for upwards of 20 years, and during this time many toxic chemicals can leach out.

Are Chinese dentures actually loaded with toxic materials? There is no evidence of this. However, an investigative report conducted by WJLA-TV, an ABC affiliate, found that dental crowns from China contained high levels of lead.

The ADA and CDC say they do not believe there is sufficient information to suggest that imported crowns represent a major health hazard, although they don’t really have any evidence to support this conclusion.

Based on the US statutes about marking country of origin, it seems that dentures should be marked. Why they’re not seems something of an obscure point.

Where FOY® Dentures Are Made

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