Dr. Ken Siegel, of Dental Excellence of Blue Bell, shared this case study with us:

Problem: Patient complained about her current dentures, which were 10 years old. She had always had to use large amounts of denture adhesive to keep them in place. The shape and color of the denture teeth were unattractive. She was unhappy that her face was starting to sag and show many signs of aging. She thought she might need dental implants.

Procedure: During the initial consultation, I evaluated the condition of her gums and found she would likely benefit from FOY® Dentures because they would be secure without dental implants and without denture adhesives. We showed her the potential of added denture height and fullness in the lips to improve facial appearance. I explained that if she was unhappy with the fit, she could get dental implants. The Denture Fountain of Youth® protocol was used to determine the optimal fit, including the use of TENS dynamic impressions and utilizing old dentures to make some rough impressions.

patient before FOY® Dentures


patient photo after FOY® Dentures


At the first try-in visit we determined that she might need more height on her dentures to eliminate sagging in her cheeks and create a more youthful appearance. At the second try-in, the patient and I were happy with the fit and we ordered the final dentures.

Results: When we delivered her final dentures, they fit perfectly. The patient said they were very comfortable and needed no adjustments. She does not need adhesives or dental implants. The appearance of the teeth is more attractive. She is happy with the outcome. She was even happier when she later met a friend she had not seen in some time, and her friend exclaimed, “Oh my god! What did you do? You look so much younger!”

The patient achieved all her goals with four visits, no surgery, and no dental implants.