We all want to look good, but more than that, we all want to look like ourselves. We don’t want to look like carbon copies of other people, even in the name of beauty. We want some combination of attractiveness that is unique to us, that reflects our individual personality.

And few things are more closely identified with our personality than our smile. We want you to know that your new dentures can preserve the personality of your smile.

Your Smile Has Already Changed

First, it’s important to remember that your smile as it is now isn’t the same as the smile you had when you were younger. You might consider it your “natural” smile, but as you have grown older, your smile has changed shape.

The cause of this is simple: as you use your teeth they wear down. Over time, this wear collapses the space taken up by your teeth, changing the shape of your smile. You likely show less of your teeth, and the shape of the smile changes, too, growing flatter and more compressed.

Your Smile Can Be Restored–Or Improved

Fotolia_58367735_Subscription_Monthly_MJust as the changes in your teeth have already resulted in changes to your smile, it’s inevitable that dentures will lead to some changes in your smile, but how much your smile changes will depend on how well your dentures are fitted.

Smiling is a function of the muscles, and one of the things that sets FOY® Dentures apart is that they take the action of the muscles into account better than other dentures. FOY® Dentures are fitted using a dynamic impression technique that takes into account how the muscles of your face work, allowing for minimum disruption of your smile.

And when it comes to the actual teeth in your denture, you have a choice. Using cosmetic dentistry techniques, we can either seek to reproduce the shape and style of your natural teeth, or we can give you the teeth you’d always wanted, but never had.

If you would like to learn more about how you can achieve a great smile with dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist.