If you have an unhealthy or unattractive smile, you may be afraid to show it. This leads to significant problems in your self-confidence and mood. However, if you’re confident in your smile, you tend to share it, which in turn leads to increased self-confidence, happiness, and better relationships, which makes you want to smile even more.

FOY® Dentures can give you a smile that you’ll be happy to share.

mature woman sits in the dental chair checking out her smile

Self-Censoring and Self-Censuring

We all know how much an impression our smile can make. We’ve seen it in ourselves, how we react to the smiles of others, so we are prepared for the responses of others to our smile. If we feel our smile isn’t attractive, we don’t want to share it, so we stifle it or limit it.

However, when we censor our smile, we censure ourselves: we are punishing ourselves for having an unattractive smile. This leads to powerful negative feelings that then makes us feel even more self-conscious and less likely to want to share our smile. Other people will respond negatively to our unwillingness to smile, which reinforces our negative feelings about ourselves. We will even start avoiding social situations in which we might be expected to smile.

Restoring Your Smile–And Your Confidence

On the other hand, if we have an attractive smile we are eager to share it, which can increase confidence and increase happiness. The smile is not just a sign of happiness, it can increase happiness. The brain and the face have a complex interaction when it comes to emotions and expressions. In part, we are happy so our brain tells us to smile, but it’s also partly true that the brain knows we are happy because we are smiling. It’s a paradoxical but true relationship.

So smiling makes us happier, and so we smile more, and when this occurs in social situations, people respond to our smiles in a positive way, reaffirming our newfound confidence and giving us even more reason to smile.

This is what’s known as a positive feedback loop, which in this case is a doubly appropriate description.