All across the nation last week, first pitches marked the return of America’s pastime. And as the parks opened, millions of Americans flocked to see the Boys of Summer reenact that age-old ritual that so many of us enjoyed as children and look forward to passing on to our own children and grandchildren. But will dentures keep you from enjoying a ballgame with the newest generation of fans?

Not if you follow our tips for enjoying a baseball game with your dentures.

Don’t Take Your Dentures out AT the Ballgame

dreamstime_xs_29646125One of the most important things to remember is that during the game you should keep your dentures in. Taking your dentures out puts them at risk for getting broken, getting contaminated, or even getting left behind in the excitement at the end of the game.

Properly fitting dentures will even make you want to keep them in. Of course it will make it easier to eat ballpark food, and make your words clearer when you’re talking to people at the game. But properly fitting dentures do even more. They help support your jaw and stabilize your head and spine, making sitting in the stands a lot more comfortable.

If you keep finding yourself wanting to take your dentures out, maybe you need new dentures.

Pick the Right Snacks

Peanuts and Cracker Jack might not be the best choice of snacks if you're a denture wearer. Both of these foods are not only hard to eat, but break into small fragments that can migrate under your dentures, resulting in serious irritation.

With implant dentures, you have more food options, and FOY® Dentures will also allow you to eat a wider variety of foods. The most important thing to remember is that you should always be aware of your dentures when choosing snacks.

Behave Yourself

It’s too early in the season for tempers to be running too high, but as the season progresses and your team is clinging to pennant hopes, it can get quite tense and heated. But keep your cool. First, remember that yelling angrily can lead to you launching your dentures out of your mouth, or, at least, making a bit of a fool of yourself.

And, unfortunately, fights are a common cause of broken dentures (not to mention orofacial injuries). So keep that in mind before you decide to throw a punch at a fan of the opposing team.

All in all, properly fitting dentures can help make a trip to the ballpark at least as enjoyable as when you were a kid going with your father or grandfather. If you don’t think your dentures are up to the task, let us get you replacement dentures that are. Please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.