One of the things that separates FOY® Dentures is their attempt to make up for the lost height of both teeth and bones in your mouth due to tooth wear, tooth loss, and resorption of bone.

By restoring all this height, FOY® Dentures are able to give your face a more youthful, natural appearance.

How Lost Height Affects Your Facial Appearance

When your facial tissue developed during your teens and twenties, your teeth were at their maximum height. Over time, your teeth wore down, then eventually had to be removed.

Now, your face is a lot shorter than it used to be, but you still have the same skin and same tissues, which are too long for the dimensions of your face. What happens to the excess? It hangs down, folds over, or sinks in your face. The result is an aged appearance.

How Normal Dentures Fall Short

Traditional dentures don’t take into account the youthful proportions of your face. Sometimes, there is no attempt to replicate a natural dimension. You’re either given the standard height of economy dentures, or some height that the dentist picks based on rules he was taught in dental school.

A slightly better approach is when dentists try to replicate your bite as it was before you lost your teeth. Unfortunately, this bite is already shortened, so at best the dentures are just going to make you look as old as you did before you got them.

Over time, this problem gets even worse. Without teeth to stimulate your jawbone, your body naturally removes it (a process called resorption). As your jawbone shrinks, your former dentures are now even shorter compared to your ideal facial proportions.

FOY® Dentures Really Measure Up

before-after1FOY® Dentures are designed to build up your face to its natural, youthful proportion. Whether it’s just that you’ve lost teeth or you’ve been living with dentures for a while and have lost some bone height, FOY® Dentures can restore the proportions your face is supposed to have.

Finally you’ll be able to look in the mirror and see the person who looks like you, who has your youthful energy and vibrancy. And you’ll find it’s not just your teeth that are standing a little taller.