For more than a year, dozens of patients have been trying to get criminal charges filed against a Bluff City, Tennessee denture dentist. The patients say they paid him for dentures and related care, but never received the services or the dentures.

A grand jury has cleared the dentist of criminal charges, though it did say that he should give refunds.

Paying for Dentures Not Received

dreamstime_s_4945302Patients were filing complaints with the dental board and the police against the dentist at Quality Denture Care for more than a year. The dentist was scamming them, stealing from them, they said. A grand jury was convened. When the grand jury heard the evidence, though, it concluded that the denture dentist had committed no crime, describing it instead as “unprofessional” behavior.

The grand jury did recommend that the dental board should revoke his license, and that people who paid money were entitled to get it back. However, in order to do so, former patients would have to retain a lawyer and file a civil lawsuit.

Needless to say, this ruling didn’t please the former patients. One was quoted as saying, “I’m not happy…I’m not happy at all…and that’s nice…I’m livid.” The patient also added how problematic the finding was for her and others: “Now no one knows where he is, we did know this a year ago when I found his address and knew exactly where he lived and could serve him with a civil lawsuit.” She says she was asked to postpone her civil suit in favor of letting the criminal proceedings advance, and now she regrets that decision.

Choose Your Denture Dentist Carefully

That former patient also likely regrets her decision to choose the denture dentist at Quality Denture Care as well. This is another reminder that it’s important to choose your denture dentist carefully to make sure that they are reputable, that they provide the services promised, and that they deliver quality dentures.

If you are looking for a denture dentist that fits all three criteria, check out a FOY® Dentures Dentist near you.