According to the complaint reported on by The Dallas Morning News, a resident found out that low-priced dentures may be a lot more expensive than the advertising may lead you to believe.

From a Bargain to a Nightmare

A 67-year-old salesman who had 15 teeth left responded to an ad for low-priced dentures. The dentist removed all his remaining teeth in 10 appointments over two months. Then he was given temporary dentures before the permanent dentures were to be made.

The temporary dentures were poorly made, according to the salesman. The upper dentures hurt and the bottom dentures didn’t fit at all–he left the office holding the lower denture in his hand. After several visits in an attempt to get the temporary dentures to fit, the dentist told the salesman she wouldn’t be his dentist anymore, and sent him out of her office.

Since then, he has complained about not having teeth and not being able to eat anything but milkshakes, Twinkies, soup, and Jell-o. He has lost 30 pounds over the last four months.

The salesman was out of pocket for $5500 and his insurance had also made significant payments to the dentist. He has filed a complaint with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.

In any given case like this one, it’s hard to know what the truth of the situation is. The dentist claims the salesman has unreasonable expectations. She says he wanted his dentures “to be 100 percent like his own teeth.” He seems to be complaining not that his dentures aren’t exactly like his teeth, but that they don’t fit and cause him pain. We don’t know what was said by whom and can’t judge the dentist or the salesman for their actions, but we can learn from them.

Most Dentists Don’t Make Dentures On A Regular Basis

Denture making had become a lost art. Many dentists trained in the traditional denture process don’t know how to make them systematically, and consequently struggle to get a predictable denture fit that may end up making things worse rather than better. Many dentists gave up making dentures because they were frustrated with the process and the poor results.

FOY® Dentures use a scientifically developed process that follows definite steps to ensure a quality fit and identify how to fix them.

Why You Should Invest in Quality Dentures

As we saw from the salesman’s story, bargain dentures can cost you a lot more than money. You may lose perfectly good teeth and have nothing to replace them with. You may lose weight. You may suffer pain, frustration, and despair.

Investing in quality dentures like FOY® Dentures ensures that you will have a functional set of teeth that fit comfortably and look attractive as well. With priceless benefits like these, they’re the real bargain–at any price.

To get quality dentures in your area, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist.