When you had natural teeth, you probably didn’t stand in the mirror for hours looking at the minute details that made them look like beautiful, natural teeth. Or maybe you didn’t have very attractive teeth to begin with.

But now that you have dentures, you spend a lot of time looking at them up close, trying to figure out why they don’t look right to you. There are many subtle details that most dentures don’t even try to get right. But we ensure we capture them. Here are a few of the ones that you might have noticed, and how FOY® Dentures solves the problems.

Teeth Look Too Long

One problem with many dentures is that the gum tissue around the teeth isn’t dense enough. It makes the gums translucent. As a result, the teeth in the gums can actually show through. This makes it look like the teeth continue far down below the gum line.

Long teeth that are visible like this remind people of receding gums caused by gum disease. It makes your denture teeth look unhealthy. You might also have noticed that your dentures are quick to pick up odors and stains.

The use of less dense acrylic is mostly a cost saving measure. Manufacturing dense material takes quality equipment and more raw materials. FOY® Dentures use a dense acrylic base that makes your teeth look healthy by concealing the roots, and is also resistant to stains and odors.

Gums Look Fake

It isn’t just materials where many denture manufacturers skimp on the base. It’s also craftsmanship. Most dentures are made with a very simple denture base. This may come in a limited number of colors so that you can’t get one that matches your natural gums. And the color will be uniform, like a plastic toy, not varied the way natural tissue is.

The gums may also be poorly shaped. They commonly lack curvature around the teeth, the way natural gums curve around natural teeth.

FOY® Dentures can be made in custom colors to ensure you get the optimal color match for your dentures. They’re also made using a layering technique that gives your denture base the appearance of natural gum tissue, and the layering allows us to embed colored strands that resemble blood vessels inside the gums.

The Teeth Glare

One of the things that can make dentures look fake is that the tooth has a very reflective surface. This can be true of either plastic or high tech teeth. The problem is that the surface of the tooth is too smooth, which causes them to reflect light differently than natural teeth.

But with FOY® Dentures, the surface of the teeth is lightly textured, similar to the surface of a natural tooth, which has pores and an uneven surface. This means they won’t glare unnaturally when the light hits them. They’ll look attractive, and they won’t look fake.

Smile Has No Personality

Many dentures come with the teeth all installed. They’re a generic set of teeth that everybody gets. They look square and white and big and fake. If you’re lucky, you might get to choose which set of teeth you like from a small panel of options.

With FOY® Dentures, you can completely customize your teeth. We have a wide range of tooth shapes available for you to choose from. You can select which set you like, or you can mix-and-match from different sets. You can even have individual teeth designed and crafted especially for you.

We can even change the placement of the teeth to suit your desired smile. We can tilt them, rotate them, even design them with a small gap. You can decide whether you want to reproduce your natural smile or get a completely new smile.

Dentures That Make You Beautiful

Are you tired of looking at your dentures in the mirror, trying to figure out just why they look so unattractive? Why not get some teeth that look so beautiful that the only reason you’d look in the mirror is to admire them?

And when you add in the rejuvenating effect of FOY® Dentures, it’s not just your dentures that will look their best, it’ll be you who is catching eyes and turning heads.

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