If you have a denture wearer in your life, you might be considering gift ideas that can make their experience wearing dentures better. This is certainly a great idea, but the truth is that there’s really only one gift that will actually give them a better experience: better dentures.

Tools to clean your dentures can be the best gifts

Denture Cleaning Tools

Better denture cleaning tools might help. Inexplicably, many denture brushes are small and hard to hold, so getting something with a larger handle could help if a denture wearer has difficulty holding onto the brush. There seems to be a shortage of denture stands that can hold the denture while cleaning it, but if you can find something like that, it might reduce the risk that they’ll drop and break their dentures.

You might also consider deodorant denture soaks to help them keep their dentures from acquiring odors. This could help them avoid odors in their dentures. An ultrasonic cleaner might help them keep from getting their dentures discolored, as well.

But better dentures would help more with this. The best would be implant dentures that didn’t need to be removed for cleaning. They could just be brushed and flossed like normal teeth, without need for additional cleaners. But higher quality dentures will help in all ways. Higher quality dentures repel stains and odors better, so they can continue to look and function great for years to come.

Denture Vaults

Another gift that gets advertised for denture wearers is a denture vault. A denture vault is essentially a place to store your dentures when you’re not wearing them. Dentures can soak in them for cleaning, or they are a convenient place to put dentures during the afternoon if you get tired of wearing them.

But, again, better dentures are more helpful for these concerns. Higher quality dentures won’t have to be removed as often. Implant dentures might be worn at all times and only removed at the dentist’s office. Higher quality dentures are more comfortable, and can be worn all day, removed only at night for sleeping. And then it doesn’t matter as much what you’re soaking them in–there’s no need for a cosmetic solution to hide your dentures.

Denture Cookbook

Most denture cookbooks are just gag gifts, but most denture wearers won’t like the joke. Denture cookbooks are a painful reminder of all the foods that they can’t eat with dentures.

But wouldn’t it be better if you could just get them something real for a change, like the ability to truly enjoy those foods again?

That’s possible, with better dentures. Implant dentures and FOY ® Dentures can significantly improve a person’s ability to eat a wide variety of foods. They will be able to bite into an apple, sink into corn on the cob, and gnosh on a steak again. That would truly make for happy holidays!

Start the Process Now

Quality dentures take time, so you can’t get them by Christmas this year, but it’s not too late to start the process. You can start by identifying a local FOY ® Dentures dentist and scheduling a consultation. Then you’re well on the way to making the denture wearer you love truly happy.