If you are considering replacing your dentures or getting your first set of dentures, the possibility of getting your dentures in one visit might seem good. There are some benefits to one-visit dentures, but they also have many drawbacks that must be taken into consideration.

PRO: It Is Fast

The main benefit of one visit dentures is exactly what it promises. You come in, see the dentist, and get your denture fitted in one visit. Then you’re out the door with your new dentures.

All the components are premade–it’s a denture they take off the rack and put in your mouth. It doesn’t take as much time as just taking the impression can take with some traditional denture techniques.

CON: You Don’t Get a Lot of Attention

Dentists are counting on being able to take advantage of the speed of one visit dentures to help make them profitable. This means that they likely won’t spend more time with you than is necessary to take the basic impression, get a decent fit, and polish the dentures.

PRO: It Is Inexpensive

As we said above, dentists are relying on the speed of the procedure to keep their profits high. With bulk sales, they hope they can keep their profits high even though their margins are slight on each piece. To try to ensure higher numbers of sales, they keep the overall price low.So you can get a denture for a lower price.

CON: Fit is imprecise at Best

One visit dentures aren’t being made while you wait. They’re already made and waiting for you. Premade dentures come in a relatively small number of sizes (as little as three and as much as 6), and it’s assumed that these sizes will work for most denture patients. However, human mouths and jaws come in more than 3-6 sizes, and trying to get your mouth to conform to one of these preselected sizes, can lead to problems, such as damage to the denture, accelerated bone loss, and loose or poorly functional dentures.
old senior man with hand holding denture

PRO: They Look Better Than No Teeth

If you need to get dentures right away and you can’t afford or wait for other dentures, then these one-visit dentures are better than nothing. A mouth with no teeth in it can be a real problem if you’re looking for a job or just trying to lead a normal life. These dentures will work better than no dentures at all.

CON: They Don’t Look That Good

These one-visit dentures are all assembled already, which means that there’s no chance to customize the teeth. In addition, the teeth are acrylic, not high tech teeth, which means they are not as realistic in their appearance or as durable.

The base for these one-visit dentures is basically a single color of plastic, which doesn’t mimic natural gum tissue very well.

One-visit dentures definitely have their place, but if you are looking for quality dentures, please contact a local Denture Fountain of Youth®dentist today.