We’ve reported before on the number of times people leave dentures behind, whether it’s at a restaurant, a donut shop, or even on an airplane, but this is a new circumstance: lost dentures were claimed by the wrong person at a restaurant.

No Cinderella Test

When the restaurant owners first found a set of dentures in a snow bank in the small town of Hay River in the Northwest Territories of Canada, some of them joked that they should do a Cinderella test and make claimants try the dentures in before releasing them. The owners thought that this would be unnecessary–no one would claim the wrong dentures. They posted a picture of the dentures to Facebook, hoping to let the owner know where they could be claimed.

The staff initially reported that an elderly gentleman came in and picked up the dentures on Monday March 7. But then on Tuesday, March 8, he’d come back and dropped them off, saying they were not his dentures. As of the last story, the rightful owner of the dentures had not yet come forward.

How to Keep Someone from Claiming Your Dentures

It’s not going to happen very often, but you still don’t want someone else claiming your lost dentures and trying them on before they get returned to you. As we’ve said before, the best way to keep your dentures from getting lost is to get optimally-fitting dentures. These dentures will stay in your mouth so you won’t lose them when walking, blowing out candles, or riding a motorcycle.

These will also be dentures that you’ll keep in your mouth when eating. Any time you take out your dentures to eat at a restaurant, whether it’s because you can’t chew or can’t taste with them in, you’re more likely to forget them. Implant dentures can really help with this. They are more effective for chewing, and they can be made with less coverage of your palate, improving your ability to taste.

It’s also good to have dentures that are customized. Many dentures are made with the same fake-looking tooth shapes, but your dentures can be made with natural-looking teeth that are customized for you, creating an appearance that no one would mistake for their dentures. Precise color matching of the gums can also help achieve a unique appearance.

If you are looking for highly functional, unique dentures, please contact a local Denture Fountain of Youth® dentist today.