You may think denture fit is a simple thing. Either they fit or they don’t. But the truth is that denture fit is actually quite complicated, and is made up of three different types of fit. In order for your dentures to feel comfortable, they have to fit properly in all three ways.


dreamstime_s_14542297Retention is when your dentures are able to resist forces that pull them vertically away from your palate and gums. To a great extent, retention depends on the seal your dentures create with your gums, which creates a vacuum that makes your dentures want to stay in place.

To create that seal, you want the most accurate impression possible. This means not only taking an impression of the gums and palate on which your dentures will rest, but also making sure you get an accurate impression of the muscles in your mouth not just as they rest, but as they move. Otherwise, these muscles might disturb the fit of your dentures.


Support is the stability of your dentures when vertical force pushes them toward your gums and other tissues. Properly made dentures rest evenly on your gums and palate, but dentures with poor support may rock or tilt when you bite down.

This is more than just a nuisance. When dentures rock, they can create denture sores. They can also distribute force unevenly, which can lead to excessive forces in some areas that can speed up jawbone loss.


Stability is when your dentures can resist forces that push from the side. If your dentures are sliding one way and another as you talk or chew, then your dentures have poor stability.

If your dentures aren’t stable, you may experience sores on the sides of your gums. You may also lose retention as the seal between your dentures and gums are lost. Unstable dentures can also make it hard to talk or chew. And they can be a sign that you’re experiencing rapid jawbone loss.

You Can Get Better-Fitting Dentures

Not all dentures are designed to fit well, and not a denture dentists take the time to fit them well. FOY® Dentures are a superior denture design that focuses on getting the best fit possible for you using a scientific approach to the denture process that leads to consistent results.

To learn more about how they can help you get a better fit, please contact a local Strickland FOY® Denture dentist today.