It’s something that happens to about a 100,000 passengers on a United Airlines flight each year, or about one out of every thousand passengers. They’ve left something important behind, such as dentures or another significant personal item like eyeglasses, stuffed animals, books, and more.

In the past, a small percentage of these items found their way back to their owners, but since introducing a new system, the Chicago-based airline has significantly increased their ability to return dentures and other items to their owners.

A Digital Lost-and-Found

United’s new system, introduced in 2014, is essentially a database where people who lost an item can put in its description. They can also search the list of found items to see if it’s already been picked up. They can put their contact information in so the airline knows where to reach them. The database is also open to flight attendants and other crew who can search to see if an item they found has been reported missing, and, if not, put a description of the item into the database.

This new system has dramatically improved United’s ability to return items to their owners. Before the new system, only about 15,000 items were returned to their owners each year. With the introduction of the new system, about 50,000 items were returned to their owners. And United has plans to make significant improvements in the system so that more people can get their personal items back. Because, let’s face it, vacation is a lot less fun without your dentures.

Why Are You Losing Your Dentures on a Flight?

Although it is good that United is taking the time and effort to make and improve this system for returning dentures and other items to their owners, it makes us wonder why many people would lose their dentures on a flight.

It seems you would have to take your dentures out intentionally. Although there are some circumstances in which you might accidentally lose your dentures, that doesn’t seem likely on an airplane. Most likely, people are probably taking their dentures out because they’re either too uncomfortable to wear or they’re ineffective for helping a person eat or drink snacks provided on the plane.

But dentures don’t have to be that uncomfortable or nonfunctional. The Denture Fountain of Youth® method allows us to make dentures that you will be happy to wear throughout your flight because they don’t cause pain and they’re fully functional, which means you won’t be leaving them behind.

If you are looking for comfortable, functional dentures, please contact a local Denture Fountain of Youth® dentist today for an appointment.