The truth is that many people are not satisfied with the quality of their dentures. If you are considering your first set of dentures or if you’re looking to replace old dentures, it’s important to consider what really matters for denture satisfaction. Here are some of the factors that we’ve found really matter to people.

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Satisfaction with Old Dentures

When it comes to sticking with old dentures, a lot of people just stay with them because they don’t think dentures can be better. However, there are also some important factors that make people satisfied with their dentures.

Comfort is probably the most important reason why people stick with old dentures. If their dentures are comfortable, they think, there’s no problem. Of course, that’s not always accurate.

But people aren’t going to stick with old dentures if they’re completely nonfunctional, either. The most important function is being able to chew, although speaking clearly also matters. Another consideration is whether their old dentures fit well. If the denture has a rocking motion or doesn’t feel like the teeth fit together right, people are going to be unhappy with their dentures and look to get them replaced.

Satisfaction with New Dentures

But what about new dentures? What determines whether you’re going to be happy with your new dentures? Actually, your expectations and attitude toward dentures makes a big difference. If you come in assuming dentures are going to be terrible, it’s more likely that they will prove to be bad and that you’ll be unhappy with them.

Another aspect of this is that you’re actually getting what you requested. If your dentures don’t fit the criteria you requested (such as the fit, function, or appearance), then you’re likely to be unhappy.

But it’s also important that your dentures live up to certain quality standards. Being able to chew with your new dentures is vital to satisfaction. It’s also important to be able to speak clearly with your dentures. And if your dentures don’t stay in place, you’re likely to unhappy. And, just as with old dentures, it’s important that your new dentures be comfortable. Implant dentures can help improve all these characteristics.

Dentists Pledged to Your Satisfaction

Many denture dentists dedicate themselves to meeting satisfaction in only one way: offering a cheap denture. The truth is that anyone who gets dentures because they’re cheap is likely to find that they’re unsatisfied with the results.

If you really want dentures you can be happy with, it’s important to work with a dentist who is pledged to delivering dentures that meet a wide range of quality measures. If you are looking for dentures that are attractive, functional, comfortable, and meet your high expectations, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.