There are many dentists offering dentures, and sometimes when you select your denture dentist, you end up regretting the choice. You might get dentures that don’t fit properly, look bad, don’t function, or break right away.

So how do you know when to give up, ask for a refund, and look for a new denture dentist?

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Your Dentures Aren’t Getting Better

Many dentists still rely on old-fashioned unscientific denture fitting procedures, so it’s not a surprise if your dentures don’t fit right the first time. Some dentists are actually able to make it work, but it’s a stepwise process–it gets a little better each time. How many steps will it take? That depends. Not an ideal situation, obviously, but workable.

But if a dentist is trying but unable to improve the situation, they might never be able to give you properly fitting or functioning dentures, and it’s time to look for a new dentist.

Your Health or Quality of Life Is Suffering

Traditional dentures are not really a substitute for real teeth. You won’t have full function with your denture teeth, and you will likely have some restrictions on what you can (or want to) eat. But if you have dentures that you absolutely can’t wear and can’t eat with, it can make life hard.

If your dentures are restricting your diet to the point that you notice signs of malnutrition or are losing weight rapidly, it’s time to look for a new dentist who can help you get dentists you can eat with.

Other times, the problem with your dentures might be that you are so embarrassed by them that you have stopped going out with friends and family. This can make you depressed and unhappy, and can be as bad for you as problems eating. You need to find a solution that lets you live your life as you want.

The Dentist Stops Seeing You

Many dentists offer cheap dentures because they think it will be profitable. That only works if they don’t spend much time with each denture patient. As soon as a patient like you starts demanding that their dentures actually fit and function and look good, you become a liability. These dentists might quickly decide you’re not worth the trouble and cut off communication. If they won’t see you, you don’t have any choice but to look for another dentist.

Getting a Refund Might Not Be Easy

Whenever you decide to give up on a dentist and ask for a refund, you shouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t especially eager to give it. Many patients find they have to get help from a consumer advocate to get any response on their request.

DFOY® Dentists Are Dedicated to Great Dentures

If you are looking for a denture dentist who uses a scientific process to achieve good denture fit, you can look for a DFOY® dentist. Fit, function, and beauty are improved with FOY® Dentures, so you can experience better results when working with a DFOY ® dentist. Please contact a DFOY® dentist today.