Losing your dentures is very annoying. Without your dentures, you can find it harder to eat and speak, even if your dentures weren’t especially good for either of these functions. You can spend a lot of time looking for your dentures. And, unfortunately, if you can’t find your lost dentures, you might end up with the expense of buying new dentures.

Here are the most common places people lost their dentures, and how to keep from losing them.

Mature woman not sure where she left her dentures

At Home

Home is the most common place to lose your dentures. This makes sense, since it’s where you spend the most time. People tend to take their dentures out in strange places, and forget where they put them. Other times, dogs can take your dentures. They might hide them, chew them up, or even wear them.

To avoid losing dentures at home, try to wear them throughout the day. Only take them out at specific times and places, such as at the table if you remove them for eating, or at your bedside when you go to sleep. If your dentures are too painful to wear all day, it might be time to reline or even replace your dentures so you can wear them. Better fitting dentures are less likely to get lost.

At the Hospital

People often lose dentures at the hospital, too. Either they get left on a food tray, don’t get moved when a person transfers from room to room, or they just get forgotten.

To avoid losing your dentures at the hospital, make sure the nurse knows about your or your loved one’s dentures. This can also help avoid potential complications. Nurses and doctors don’t always notice dentures until they interfere with a procedure, such as intubation. Then dentures can make it hard to complete a procedure, or they might be broken or forced down your throat. Make sure the nurse includes dentures on the list of your or your loved one’s possessions. Then when leaving the hospital, check the list and make sure you have your dentures.

At a Restaurant

People often lose dentures at a restaurant. They take their dentures out for eating, then forget and leave the restaurant without their dentures. This can be even more likely if they are drinking alcohol, which can make them a little more muddled so that they forget that they had their dentures out.

The easiest way to avoid losing dentures at a restaurant is to get dentures that you can wear while eating. That way, you don’t take them out and then you won’t leave them behind.

However, if your dentures aren’t comfortable or effective for eating, carry a denture case with you to restaurants. Get in the habit of always putting your dentures in the case and then putting the case in your purse or your pocket. That way, even if you forget to put dentures back in, you won’t be leaving them behind.

Dentures You Won’t Lose

Of course, you can avoid the problem of losing dentures by getting hybrid implant dentures. These dentures are fully fixed in your mouth, only removable by your denture dentist. You keep these in all day. They’re comfortable and effective for chewing and talking.

FOY® Dentures, a technique created by Rod Strickland, DDS are less likely to be lost. They are comfortable enough for all-day wear. And they’re effective for biting and chewing, which means that you won’t be taking them out at restaurants.

To learn more about options for comfortable, effective dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.