If you are considering dentures, you’ve probably already found out that some dentures are much less expensive than others. Before you make a commitment to some dentures that seem like a great deal, you have to realize that none of the dentists offering cheap dentures have some magic wand that they can wave and make dentures cheaper. Instead, in order to offer cheap dentures, a dentist has to cut corners at some point, either in terms of the actual dentures you are getting or in the process of making the dentures, often both.

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Cutting Corners on the Product

One of the ways that cheap dentures get cheap is being made with inexpensive materials. Plastic teeth, a basic base. No special care taken to make the dentures look realistic. Cheap dentures look like you’d expect dentures to look.

The cheap materials are also not as durable as some options, which means they’re more likely to break during wear or when dropped. And they’ll probably wear out faster.

Your Process Matters

But even more than the product itself, it’s in the denture process that most cheap denture dentists cut the most corners. You may not care about a lot of parts of your denture experience, including how attractive and comfortable the dental practice is, whether your dentist and staff know the names of your kids, and other aspects of your denture experience, but there are lots of parts of the process that get cut that are crucial to your final denture.

Probably the most expensive part of the denture process is your dentist’s time, so that’s where a lot of cheap denture dentists start. They will become volume dentists, trying to move as many patients through their office as quickly as possible. This means they won’t be able to spend as much time fitting your dentures, which will lead to poorly fitting dentures.

And when you go to complain about the poor fit, you realize that the other place the dentist is cutting corners is responding to complaints. The denture dentist may give you a certain number of fittings, but if you’re still not satisfied, you’ll just have to accept the poor fit of your dentures.

Identify Cut Corners before You Commit

When you are considering cheap dentures, talk to the dentist about why these dentures are so cheap. Ask the dentist about the materials used in the manufacture of the dentures and talk about the fitting process and how a dentist will respond to complaints.

Don’t be surprised if, all things considered, high end dentures actually are the real bargain.

If you would like to learn more about dentures that would be a great value at any price, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.