This time of year, most of us are looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner spent with family. Of course, the time off from work is good. And the company is nice. But what we’re really looking forward to is the dinner and all the trimmings.

But if you have cheap, poorly fitted, or worn dentures, then you’ve got a lot less to be thankful for. Here’s why.

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Your Choices Are Limited

Unfortunately, many of the foods that people enjoy on Thanksgiving are off limits if you have cheap dentures. The centerpiece of turkey is probably the biggest one, and if your family does ham instead, that’s almost as hard to eat.

Fortunately, many of the sides are nice and soft, like mashed potatoes, candied yams, and stuffing. But if the cranberry sauce is made with real cranberries, it can be a challenge–you’ll have to stick to the canned stuff. And you won’t be able to enjoy crunchy or chewy dinner rolls.

And that dessert favorite pecan pie may be technically edible, but the tiny chunks of nuts can get under your dentures and be very uncomfortable.

Eating Takes a Lot Longer

Despite the size and variety of Thanksgiving dinner, it’s often gone quickly. As soon as grace is said, everyone dives in, and it’s gone quickly.

Unless you have cheap dentures. With cheap plastic teeth, even the things you can technically eat are a bit of a challenge, and it can take a lot longer for you to eat. Even under the best circumstances, normal dinners can stretch out to an hour, and Thanksgiving can be much longer.

Food Has Less Flavor

One of the problems with dentures is that they have to cover your palate in order to be more secure. This not only makes dentures bulky, but it reduces your ability to taste food. Your palate is almost as important to your sense of taste as your tongue is, and when it’s covered, your sense of taste diminishes, too.

Many of the foods you used to enjoy before can now seem much less flavorful, making you wonder why you bother at all.

FOY® Dentures Can Give You More to Be Thankful for

But you don’t have to accept these problems with cheap dentures. Instead, you can get better dentures that will allow you to better enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. FOY® Dentures are designed to properly fit your bite and maximize function. When made as implant dentures, you’ll be able to enjoy the entire holiday spread.

High tech teeth have and maintain a better edge, so they allow you to eat food at the same pace as you did with your natural teeth.

And because they don’t depend on surface area to stay in place, implant dentures can free your palate so you can enjoy the flavor of food again.

Make this your last Thanksgiving with cheap dentures. Contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today to get quality dentures that let you enjoy life to the fullest.