Cosmetic dentistry is a dynamic science that’s improved dramatically in recent years. But many dentures haven’t benefited from the improvements. They still look like traditional dentures.

FOY ® Dentures, though, take advantage of many improvements in cosmetic dentistry to get dentures that look (and feel) better.

Here are some of the insights from cosmetic dentistry that help make FOY ® Dentures more attractive than past dentures.

Why FOY Dentures Look So Good | Better Dentures

Advanced Cosmetic Materials

We have made dramatic strides in creating lifelike high tech for cosmetic dentistry. These new materials combine a natural appearance with high durability. With these new materials, denture teeth can look much more natural–they are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth. Dentures can look as good as any smile makeover a person might get.

But many dentures don’t benefit from this new insight. Instead, they continue using plastic teeth. These plastic teeth might look okay if there weren’t an alternative, but they are relatively noticeable. They don’t look as natural as high tech teeth.

Better Understanding of Natural Smiles

In the past, dentists felt they knew what made an ideal smile, so they made dentures that way. They made them all that way, all with identical, perfect teeth. So, although the teeth in dentures were supposedly perfect, they didn’t actually look good because they’re all the same.

More modern dentures understand that not all smiles look the same. Not even attractive smiles will all look the same. There’s no one perfect smile, but many beautiful smiles are possible for each person. FOY ® Dentures can be customized to give you a uniquely beautiful smile. Your smile will look like yours, not like it came out of a can.

Integrated Aesthetics

An important part of our new understanding of smiles is that your smile can’t be isolated from the rest of your face. Your smile isn’t supposed to look attractive when it’s sitting in a glass, it’s supposed to look attractive in your mouth. And in order to do that, it has to match with your face.

FOY ® Dentures are custom-designed for your facial proportions to give you a beautiful smile. That’s part of what lets them rejuvenate your appearance: they are designed to give you a youthful facial proportion. Restoring your facial proportion ensures that you have a better relation between the facial tissues and the support structures, which makes you look more naturally young.

Are You Looking for the Best Cosmetic Dentures?

If you want the best cosmetic dentures, then you want dentures that take advantage of the most modern insights of cosmetic dentistry. FOY ® Dentures do that. In fact, with their rejuvenating ability, they are pushing the barriers of cosmetic dentistry, helping to make dentures even more attractive and natural than ever.

To learn more about what makes these dentures so attractive, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today.