Relines are part of living with dentures. Over time, dentures need to be relined to maintain fit. Fit can change in part because the body is remodeling the bone in the jaw since the loss of teeth. Fit can also change because the denture itself is getting worn down. Relines typically need to be done every few months during the first year or so of denture wear, but might be needed only every six months to a year after that.

Most people think it’s best to get their denture relines from the dentist who made their denture. This is fine if you’re completely satisfied with your current dentist. But if you’re not completely satisfied, there are many potential benefits of seeing a new dentist for a denture reline.

A Dentist adjusts his searchlight before beginning a denture reline procedure to help with a patients bite

Achieve a Better Fit

Most dentists aren’t great at fitting dentures. That’s because the traditional denture method that is often taught in dental school is nonscientific. It uses steps that are done the same way they’ve been done for years, using techniques that are merely craft, neither art nor science. This process produces results that aren’t repeatable. Some dentists get good at it, but often can’t say why or help other dentists achieve the same effect.

However, some dentists, like FOY® Dentures dentists, are trained in a scientific process of denture fitting. It’s a thorough, scientific approach that produces repeatable results. With this type of approach, these dentists can reliably achieve outstanding fit. A reline is a great opportunity for you to see the difference. Even without getting a new denture, you will be able to enjoy the feeling of a new denture with much better fit.

Be Treated Better

Many dentists treat denture patients as an afterthought. As if once you lose your teeth, you’re no longer interesting to the practice.

Some dentists also have preconceived notions about denture patients. They may think that you’re lazy because  you didn’t take care of your teeth. Others might think you’re cheap because you decided on dentures rather than other tooth replacement options. Dentists with these attitudes might only supply you with limited care when you come back for a refit.

But FOY® Dentures dentists are dedicated to their denture patients. They believe you have the same right to quality dentistry as any other patient, including the ability to enjoy a beautiful, healthy, functional smile. That’s why they offer denture options that are as good as the cosmetic and restorative options they offer to their other patients.

Learn about New Options

Because of the attitude many dentists have toward denture patients, they may not offer a full range of denture options. You may only have the one cheap denture option, a type that comes in pre-made sizes that don’t fit your mouth very well. Even if you do have traditional denture options, you might be limited in customizability. And some dentists may offer implant dentures, but only a few types.

But dentists that are dedicated to offering their denture patients the same high level of care that they offer their other patients will make sure that they’re offering a full range of denture options. You might be surprised at all the options available for achieving an attractive, functional set of replacement teeth. Dentures don’t have to look (or function) like dentures anymore.

To learn more about the newest options in dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.