You may have recently looked in the mirror and felt completely unhappy with your smile. It’s not you though, it’s your dentures. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to accept your fate. You don’t have to hate your smile for the rest of your life. You deserve better dentures and we’re here to tell you exactly why.

1. You Deserve to Feel Confident

The first reason why you deserve better dentures is simply that you deserve to feel confident. If you’re looking in the mirror and not in love with your reflection, that needs to change. You deserve to look in the mirror, in your reflection, in the camera, and feel nothing but utter confidence in your smile! If your dentures don’t look natural or just don’t complement your face, investing in better dentures can help.

FOY® Dentures use high tech material similar to that used in porcelain veneers and dental crowns. Traditional dentures use plastic which can make them look less realistic. With FOY® Dentures, you get a custom-designed smile built to make you look nothing less than amazing. Your brand new smile will help you feel more confident and transform your life!

senior woman showing off her skin & smile

2. You Deserve to Eat Whatever You Want Without Stress

Eating with dentures can feel incredibly stressful when they don’t fit right. When the fit is off, they might feel loose when you take a bite or even fall out during a meal. This isn’t something you should deal with on a daily basis. You deserve to eat without stress!

With new dentures like FOY® Dentures, you will enjoy precisely fitting dentures that won’t come loose when you’re enjoying a meal. They use an innovative neuromuscular dentistry technique that helps the dentures both fit and function better.

3. You Deserve Comfort

Traditional dentures apply all pressure to your gums instead of your jaw bone like with natural teeth. Unless you have dental implants, this isn’t avoidable unless you invest in better dentures. FOY® Dentures use a neuromuscular design that helps the dentures apply pressure to your jaw bone instead of your gums. This not only feels more comfortable but it helps it fit and function better. Your dentures will feel more like real teeth than your previous dentures. You deserve to feel comfortable with your replacement teeth, not pain.

4. You Deserve Durability

Economy dentures will last you a few years at best before you need to replace them. Although the upfront cost is cheaper, you’re spending more time and money replacing them. Not to mention, you’re experiencing discomfort, unhappiness with your appearance, early signs of aging, and so much more. You deserve dentures that offer durability. FOY® Dentures use high tech material not just for their natural-looking appearance, but for their high durability. This means your dentures will last longer and you won’t have to worry about a tooth falling out or other issues that often pop up with cheap dentures.

5. You Deserve To Look Younger

Although all dentures will replace your missing teeth, they don’t replace your missing face structure. When you lose your natural teeth, your body naturally begins to lose bone in the jaw. As you lose bone, your facial structure will no longer have as much support and as a result, it will begin to collapse. Your skin will start to sag and show more wrinkles than it’s supposed to at your age. Thus resulting in premature aging. You deserve to look younger, or at the very least, your actual age.

With FOY® Dentures’ neuromuscular approach, they’re designed to provide your facial structure with support and slow bone resorption. Some patients look ten years younger after getting FOY® Dentures. Who knew new dentures could give you gorgeous facelift results and a brand new smile?

6. You Just Deserve Better

The last reason you deserve new dentures is simply just because you deserve better. Nobody deserves to live with dentures that cause more stress than happiness. You deserve to have a beautiful smile that fits and functions well. You can even use FOY® Dentures with dental implants for even more stability, comfort, functionality, and amazing results.

Upgrade Your Dentures in 2021!

If you’re ready to upgrade your dentures because you deserve it, now is the time. Make 2021 the year that you fall in love with your smile again and gain back the life you deserve. Find a FOY® Dentures dentist near you today to book a consultation and get started.