Uncompromising Realism

Williams Dental Lab is dedicated to realistic resultsOne of the things that sets Williams Dental Labs apart is their dedication to creating realistic restorations. When it comes to dentures, Williams Dental Lab creates both realistic teeth and realistic bases.

Williams Dental Lab uses Ivoclar Phonares teeth. These teeth are made to match the specific age characteristics of denture wearers, giving them natural color, enamel-like luster, and individual character. They are made of nanohybrid composites, giving them excellent wear characteristics, and the sturdiness to provide neuromuscular support necessary for Fountain of Youth Dentures™.

Even more impressive is the base characterization that Williams Dental Lab can achieve. With their custom blending process, they create denture bases that have a blend of colors and translucency that reflects natural gingiva. The contours are naturalistic, and the colors reflect the characteristics of different types of gingival tissue, including attached gingiva and papilla tissue.

A Flexible Responsive Lab

Bob Clark, Lab Technician with Williams Dental Lab

Bob Clark, Lab Technician

Another reason why we work with Williams Dental Lab is that they are a great lab to work with. They accept both traditional and digital impressions, and can achieve amazing results with either. This makes it easy to prepare your denture case to send to them—they even tell you exactly what they need so you get the right results every time.

Williams Dental Lab is a “can do” dental lab. Whenever challenges arise, they are always prepared to rise to the challenge and provide superior results. Even if what you’re asking is highly unusual or demanding, they will find a way to do it.

Williams Dental Lab is also dedicated to details. They don’t skip steps, cut corners, or ignore your notes. They strive to give us a perfect product every time.

And that’s why Williams Dental Lab is the only lab we trust to make FOY® Dentures.

Williams Dental Lab Rx Denture Order Form

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