This week, the Charleston Daily Mail published a story in its Neediest Cases Appeal that focused on a woman in West Virginia who needs dentures to get a job.

sad woman looking at her billsLimited Sources of Income

A relatively young woman, age 31, says that her lack of teeth is making it hard for her to get work. She and her young boys, ages 6 and 2, live with her boyfriend, who is employed, but has a seasonal job with the small town where they live. When he works, he makes up to $800 a month, and the family gets about $505 a month in food stamps. Needless to say, even in a small town in West Virginia, it’s hard to make ends meet on that kind of income.

The woman is hoping to find a job to add income to her family, but she only has a high school diploma, which limits her employment opportunities mostly to jobs where her appearance matters, such as food service or retail. Unfortunately, with only three teeth in her lower jaw, employers are not eager to hire her. Medicaid will cover the cost of removing her last lower teeth, but it won’t cover her dentures, so she’s hoping to get $310 to cover the lower plate of dentures.

A Smile Is a Professional Asset

This is an extreme case, but it reminds us that dentures can be an important investment for a professional. If you have a job where you are working with clients, where your smile matters, it’s important to get dentures that will give you an attractive, natural smile. And that will help you look vibrant and energetic. Finally, you need the confidence in your dentures. Confidence in their appearance, and confidence in your ability to speak and eat normally with clients.

Investing in quality dentures can help you maintain yourself at the top of your form in many different careers.

If you would like to learn more about getting quality dentures where you live, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist.