Dentures are supposed to stay in your mouth, but if you have traditional dentures, they often don’t. And this can lead to some embarrassing moments when your dentures come out at inappropriate or inconvenient times.

Here are some of the more unusual embarrassing places where people have lost their dentures.

middle aged couple enjoy a ride on a scoter

On the Road

One moment you’re riding your motorcycle and smiling, getting bugs in your teeth. Then you hit a bump and you don’t have your teeth any more! What makes this worse is when your lost dentures cause a huge traffic jam that lasts for hours!

In a Dumpster

Dentures are supposed to help you eat, but for many people that’s just not the case–they take their dentures out at restaurants. Unfortunately, they sometimes forget to put them back in, then the dentures end up in the trash, and, finally, the dumpster. So someone has to go into the dumpster, only to find it’s not always so easy to get out. The fire department comes to the rescue. The worst part: they never found the dentures.

In the Toilet

Most of the time, the toilet is a throne, but sometimes it’s an altar where you kneel and repent. And sometimes what comes out of your mouth is not just penance, but your dentures. If you’re lucid, you might notice and retrieve them. If you’re not so lucid, as people in this situation are wont to be, you might flush them.

The embarrassment comes when you have to admit that you don’t have money to replace your dentures and throw yourself on the public’s mercy. That’s not always bad, because sometimes a donor might step up and replace your dentures.

In a Squat Toilet

Dropping your dentures down a squat toilet isn’t necessarily any worse than dropping them down a sitting toilet, until you slip and your entire arm gets stuck. And the fire department has to come and rescue you–by cracking open the cement around the pipe and cutting you free. After four hours!

Down Your Throat

Unfortunately, dentures are among the most commonly swallowed items. Because they’re so often in your mouth, and they may not be secure. What is unusual is that sometimes people swallow their dentures and don’t realize it. They just think they’ve misplaced them. And they have a weird tickle in their throat that doesn’t go away. After a few days they go to see the doctor–and find their dentures.

At a Crime Scene

But probably the worst place to lose your dentures is at a crime scene. The crime is perfect. You’re going to get away with it, even if it is just some beer and a snack. And then you lose your dentures, linking you to the scene.

On the bright side, the police will reunite you with your dentures.

Dentures That Stay in the Mouth Where They Belong

So, yeah, there are some pretty un-fun places to lose your dentures. But you won’t have to worry about losing your dentures in any of these places if you have implant dentures. These dentures are fully fixed in your mouth and they won’t come out unless you take them out.

To learn more about dentures that are more functional and secure, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.