Our dentists have seen it many times before: people who have teeth that are in very bad shape. The teeth make it hard to chew. They are often painful, and they may even be a health risk. And, of course, the teeth are not very attractive, so people avoid smiling.

But they won’t let their dentist pull their teeth, no matter how much he tells them it’s the right thing to do. Why not? Because they are afraid of what it will be like to get dentures. In the past, this fear might have been justified, but now, thanks to the Denture Fountain of Youth®, there’s no reason to be afraid.

Fear #1: I Won’t Be Able to Eat in Dentures

This is one of the biggest concerns people have about dentures. They have likely been told by denture wearers how hard it is to eat. This was true in the past, but now people with dentures can eat a much wider variety of foods.

The problem with traditional dentures is that they don’t fit well. Dentures aren’t anchored in the mouth except by how well they fit around the gums. If dentures don’t fit properly, they are going to move around too much, making it impossible to chew.

However, FOY® Dentures fit better than traditional dentures, making it easier to bite and chew with them in. Plus, implant dentures are securely supported by implants, making them essentially like your natural teeth in terms of function.

Fear #2: Dentures Will Hurt

Poor fit can easily lead to pain with traditional dentures. Dentures can rest unevenly on the gums, creating painful pressure points. Or they can slide around in the mouth, scraping the gums or pushing against them sideways.

FOY® Dentures eliminate pain by improving fit. They balance the forces on your gums so there are no pressure points, and they don’t slide around in your mouth, so they don’t press painfully on your gums.

Fear #3: Dentures Will Look Fake

This was definitely a problem in the past. Traditional dentures often look fake because they’re made of plastic. The base is red and the teeth are white, but they’re the same material. And traditional dentures are made assembly-line fashion, with all of them coming off the assembly line with the same configuration of teeth.

FOY® Dentures don’t look fake. Although the base is made of the same plastic as traditional dentures–PMMA–it is dense and layered, with inclusions to help it look more like natural gum tissue. And the teeth are made of high tech used in veneers, so they look like natural teeth. Plus, FOY® Dentures can be customized–you can get a smile that is uniquely yours.

Fear #4: Dentures Will Make Me Look Older

In the past, dentures did make you look older. They were designed to just replace the teeth, not necessarily the bone height that you also lost as part of aging and tooth loss. And these dentures were placed far back in the mouth to try to make them more secure, which made your lips and cheeks sink in. Plus, dentures could speed bone loss, which accelerated the aging process.

But FOY® Dentures are designed to rejuvenate your appearance. A FOY ® Dentures dentist can read the proper height of your bite from your jaw muscles and other facial features. This means that your dentures don’t just replace lost teeth, but bone as well, giving you back your youthful proportions. Great fit lets them sit further out so they can plump your lips and cheeks. Plus, they don’t accelerate bone loss.

Dentures Are Nothing to Be Afraid of

When teeth are healthy and strong, we try to maintain them as long as possible. But if they’re unhealthy and not functional, it might be time to remove them and replace them with attractive, FOY® Dentures. Whether you’re looking to replace unhealthy teeth or badly made dentures, contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist.