Getting dentures when you’re young can be very stressful. But it doesn’t have to be a big deal. In fact, it’s possible to live a healthy, fun life with dentures. Here are seven tips that can help make the transition easier.

Group of young friends laughing

Remember You’re Not Alone

One of the hardest things about having to get dentures at a young age is that you feel like there’s no one else in your situation. All the denture advertising is directed at older people, and likely none of your friends have dentures.
But you’re not alone. While most people get dentures in their 40s or later, there are many people in their teens or 20s with dentures. Some reasons why people may need dentures at a young age include congenital conditions, disease, lack of access to dental care, car accidents, and more. If you work with an experienced denture dentist, they can likely put you in touch with other people in similar situations so you can talk to them about their experiences, which does help.

Make Sure It’s the Right Decision

Choose dentures when it’s the best thing for your health and happiness, not because it’s the “easy” thing.

Deciding to get dentures at a young age is a decision that will affect the rest of your life. Be sure you’re making this decision for the right reasons. Some people choose dentures just because they think it will be easier than continuing to care for teeth, but this can lead to trouble. Whether you decide to choose dentures or maintaining your natural teeth, you have to commit to proper care.

Talk to several dentists about your options so you understand the benefits of dentures or preserving your natural teeth. There are definitely situations where it’s best to replace your natural teeth, and there are situations where it’s better to preserve them. You need to make sure you’re getting the whole story about which is the best way to go.

Have Confidence in Your Decision

It’s human nature to question our decisions. Second-guessing yourself can make you feel bad about your dentures and yourself. By taking the time to make the decision right, you can cut off this second-guessing and avoid unnecessary emotional difficulties later on.

Again, don’t make a decision until you’re confident it’s the right one. If you’re still in doubt, talk to more people. This may include additional dentists, close friends, family, counselors, and even spiritual leaders.

It’s important that you know this is a choice you’re making, and that you’re not just a victim of circumstances. No matter your situation, you still have the power to make choices.

Invest in Quality Dentures

For young people, the appearance problems with dentures can be the biggest issue. Traditional dentures can make you look older and give you a sunken appearance that will give away that you have dentures.

Investing in better-fitting and better-looking dentures will make you feel more confident and make it easier to maintain your social life after dentures. If you choose quality dentures, you might actually enjoy the best smile of your life with dentures. In fact, some dentures can help you maintain your youthful appearance.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even with the best dentures, it may take some time to get used to them. The first few days or weeks it may be hard to talk and hard to eat. Take the time to practice with your dentures. Practice your speech with someone in your confidence. If you don’t have anyone you can trust to help you at this time, practice talking while looking in the mirror.

Once your pronunciation sounds pretty good to you, try calling up customer service lines and striking up conversations. If you can make yourself understood by perfect strangers on the phone, you know you’re able to speak clearly.

Although it’s easy to just keep eating soft foods, once you’re cleared by your dentist, it’s time to start tackling some challenging foods to make sure you’re able to eat a variety of foods with confidence.

Give Yourself Time

Adjustment to life with dentures takes time. It’s normal to feel a little depression shortly after the decision, and to feel like you’re never going to adapt. But if you give it time, you’ll find that you can do it. We offer some tips for adapting, such as dealing with excess saliva, learning to eat with dentures, and taking care of oral health with dentures.

Love Yourself and You Will Be Loved

One big fear that young people have about getting dentures: it will prevent you from finding love, or it will change the way your loved ones feel about you. Banish this fear.

Remember all the things that make you a great person, all the things that getting dentures won’t change. You are still as worthy of love you were yesterday. Getting dentures won’t make you less.

In fact, having the courage to make the right decision will make you a better, stronger, and more lovable person. We also understand that the thought of dating with dentures can make you nervous. However, dentures don’t make you undatable. With the confidence of your new, beautiful smile and healthy mouth, you’ll find that dating is much easier and much more enjoyable with dentures than it was with unhealthy teeth.